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What is the MVCCPA Benefits Fund?

Benefits Fund Meeting

What is a benefits fund? A benefits fund is a collectively bargained program designed to provide a plan of benefits to members of a bargaining unit and their dependents.

The MVCC Professional Association Benefits Trust Fund was established as part of the 2002-2005 contract negotiations (see Article 10.11).

Benefits Fund Workshop

Who are the officers and trustees? Our officers and trustees were selected for their knowledge of benefits and finances, for their dedication to serving the best interests of the entire membership, and for their willingness to serve the PA in this important capacity. Click here for photos and contact information for each of our officers and trustees.

What does having a benefits fund mean to me as a PA member? Having a benefits fund gives the PA greater autonomy in reviewing and selecting benefits for our membership. For example, immediately after its creation, the officers and trustees of the MVCC Professional Association Benefits Trust Fund began an extensive review--with invaluable assistance from NYSUT Member Benefits--of which group plan benefits would best serve the interests of our membership. Of all the NYSUT Group Benefit Plans, we decided to invest in Davis Vision, which already has saved our members hundreds of dollars in vision care services. The second benefit brought to you by the Benefits Fund is UNUMProvident Life Insurance.

    • How can I sign up for the Davis Vision benefit? Click here to use our online enrollment form!
    • How can I update my Davis Vision benefit enrollment information? Click here to enter our secure area to use our online enrollment update form!
    • How can I sign up for the UNUMProvident Life Insurance? Click here to use our online beneficiary form!
    • Have I completed and returned all my Benefits Fund enrollment information? Click here to find out!
    • What is the Health Advocate program all about? Click here to find out more about the Health Advocate program
    • What is the Group Access Legal Service? Click here to find out more about the Group Access Legal Service
    • What do I need to do if I am in a Domestic Partnership? Click here to retrieve the form that you will need to provide to the union.

To whom should I direct questions about our Benefits Fund benefits? Please feel free to contact me, or any of our trustees, with questions about our Benefits Fund.

Thank you for your interest in the MVCC Professional Association Benefits Trust Fund and feel free to contact me with questions.

Justin Wilcox, Chair

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