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Meet the PA executive board, committee chairs & members, and area reps. Read the PA contract, constitution, and by-laws. Discover the benefits of having our own MVCCPA Benefits Fund. PA members: Learn about our activities through our internal publications and other projects. Community members: Find out what we're doing for the Mohawk Valley. Keep track of upcoming events and see photos from past events. Awards and Recognition given to PA
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Committee Chairs and Members

PA Committee Structure

The PA is proud of its active and extensive committee structure. In Fall 1998, Past President Bill Perrotti led a group of union leaders in developing a proposal for reorganizing the Association, based on one fundamental principle: the broader the participation of the membership, the more we could accomplish. As goes the mantra in NYSUT, "If you're doing it alone, you're doing it wrong."

To this end, the union leaders revised the PA Constitution and By-laws to include a broad committee structure, and the subsequent success of that change was addressed in a December 2000 New York Teacher article titled "Mohawk Valley local reinvents itself.

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Committee Chairs and Members
(term expiration date)
Norma Chrisman

< NYSUT Representative Assembly Delegates
Norma Chrisman president is annual delegate
Alison Doughtie elected as delegate (5.31.15)

Justin Rahn elected as alternate (5.31.15)
Stacey McCall elected as alternate (5.31.15)
Carla Zupancic elected as alternate (5.31.15)

VOTE/COPE Coordinator >
Stacy McCall (none)

Rialda Shulman

< Newsletter Editor (PAnorama)
Rialda Shulman (none)

Web Manager >
Jason Yager (none)

Jason Yager

Audit Committee
Melissa Barlett (5.31.15)
John Coleman (5.31.16)
Richard Kelly (5.31.16)
Mary Jane Parry (5.31.16)

Rich Pucine (non-PA representative)*

< Community Outreach Committee
Carla Zupancic, Chair (5.31.16)
Erica Carrock (5.31.15)*
Carolyn DeJohn (5.31.15)*
Jed Kimball(5.31.16)
Terry Kipers(5.31.15)
Rosemary Mink (5.31.16)
Gail Warchol (5.31.15)
Vacant (5.31.15)*

Education & Training Committee >
Kristen Skobla, Chair (5.31.16)*
Sarah Beck (5.31.16)
Chuck Hendricks (5.31.16)
David Nackley (5.31.15)
Bernie Raynor (5.31.16)

Kristen Skobla
Dawson McDermott

Grievance Committee>
Dawson McDermott, Chair (5.31.15)
Patti Antanavige (5.31.16)*
Sandy Cummings (5.31.16)*
George Goerner (5.31.16)
Alexander Haines-Stephan (5.31.15)*
Internal Communications Committee >
Rialda Alibegic, Chair (5.31.16)
Sarah Beck (5.31.16)
Dayton Elseth (5.31.16)
Kyle Lince (5.31.16)
Tia Lock (5.31.15)
Roman Santos (5.31.16) *
George Searles (5.31.15)*
Brandon Shaw (5.31.15)
Nolan Snyder (5.31.16)*
Jim Sunderhaft (5.31.16)
Sharon Zohne (5.31.15)
Norma Chrisman
Patti Antanavige

< Member Services Committee
Patty Antanavige, Chair (5.31.16)
Sarah Boulanger (5.31.15)
Maimun Khan (5.31.16)
vacant (5.31.16)*
Rosermarie Pastorella(5.31.16)*
Margaret Reilly (5.31.16)*
Justin Wilcox(5.31.16)
Member Support & Recognition Committee
vacant (none)*
Christine Miller (none)*
Joyce Palmer (none)


Negotiations Committee >

Paul Halko, Chair (none)
Marie Czarnecki (none)*
Aaron Fried (none)
Dawson McDermott (none)*
Justin Rahn (none)*
vacant (none)*
no pic

< Political Outreach Committee
Justin Rahn, Chair (5.31.16)
Robert Christman (5.31.16)*
Alison Doughtie (5.31.16)
Jim Fiore (5.31.15)*
Aaron Fried (5.31.15)
Maimun Khan (5.31.15)*
Jed Kimball (5.31.16)*
Stacy McCall (5.31.15)

Research & Records Committee >
Kelly McNamara,Chair (5.31.15)*
Louise Charbonneau(5.31.15)
Jen Krohn (5.31.15)*
Anne Ichihana (5.31.15)
Jason Yager (5.31.15)
Kelly McNamara

Sick Leave Donation Committee
Terry Kipers (none)*
Jackie Womack (none)*

< New Member Committee
Aaron Fried , Chair (5.31.16)
Diana Ayers-Darling (5.31.16)*
Colleen Bolton (5.31.16)
Alison Doughtie (5.31.16)
Harron James (5.31.16)*
Tim Thomas (5.31.16)
Rialda Shulman (5.31.16)*

- 1st Vice President chairs Member Services Committee
- 2nd Vice President chairs Internal Communications Committee
* denotes appointed position

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